Geographic Information Science and Technologies have evolved into a key instrument for managing our societies, environments and infrastructures, as well as individuals’ daily lives.

Continued success of this development depends on cooperation across disciplines, open information policies and a highly educated workforce.

The GISCA series of conferences aims at building a Central Asian network of GIS professionals supporting the sustained development of this region into an environmentally friendly, secure and prosperous society.

The main objectives of this English language conference are to bring together geospatially oriented academics, researchers and practitioners in the Central Asian countries and encourage international cooperation and knowledge exchange in GIS education.

In 2019, GISCA is focused on the theme “From Spatial Data to Spatial Intelligence”. Geographic Information Science as a conceptual foundation, Geoinformatics as the methodology and GIS as software technology are powerful instruments for linking information across different sources by location. This is exactly what is needed to successfully manage our environments and natural resources, our economies and ultimately our societies.

GISCA 2019 is being organized locally by the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture (KSUCTA) with support from industry partners Trimble International and GeoTwo, Korea. The GISCA conference series and its publications are managed by the Austria-Central Asia Centre for GIScience – ACA*GIScience supported by Eurasia-Pacific Uninet and the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Commission for GIScience. The conference looks forward to additional sponsorship from the Geoinformatics industry.

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